Writings On the Wall

Link to pieces I wrote while studying International Studies and Film/Media, including articles and clips. (Subject to Updates) Portfolio

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28 Post-Grad Realities

 Being told to just "enjoy being a graduate", but you can't enjoy it because you have no idea what you're doing and it stresses you out. Trying to re-create the magic that was fresh-made paninis and smoothies, but failing because... Continue Reading →

Designing Visually

Completed for commission- A venture into the strange world of intricate typography landscapes. Look anywhere and you will find something to hold on to. * *Background photo is courtesy of the amazing site- -ab

My Films

I took Intro to Film Studies my freshman year of college and I've never looked back. Now  I definitively know that film production will hold a special place in my creative veins, fueling my eagerness to think past what I see... Continue Reading →

Graphic Design

For a more comprehensive idea of my talents, click on the link below to view my portfolio. For links to my film work- click here -->>My Films PORTFOLIO LINK Includes:  Layout Design Digital Media Logo Design Paintings

Sketches From the Other Side

Throughout college I probably sketched an entire encyclopedia worth of art work.  Whether it was on the outskirts of my notes or in the footnotes of a typed assignment, I had to draw--it was irresistible. And when I decided not... Continue Reading →

Digital Painting

  Star-Girl (2017)      

Argentina’s Classics

While I was abroad in Argentina I took a lot of photos- hundreds of photos. And while the majority of my photos revolved around food, friends, and anything I wasn't used to seeing - like a choreographed play between two... Continue Reading →

Land of Ham & Cheese AKA Argentina

Look, you're going to think I'm joking when I say Argentina loves its ham and cheese like a cat loves...knocking things off tables... You're going to think I'm exaggerating, but let me tell you how much I AM NOT. There's... Continue Reading →

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